Passaggio Takes Gold

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It was a privilege to enter my 08 Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay in the Winemaker’s Challenge International Competition. It was held in San Diego, CA, on January 23-24 and judged by some of the most prestigious wine makers like Merry Edwards, James Hall, Daryl Groom, Ric Forman, Ed Sbragia, Darice Spinelli, and Gary Eberle. That’s what intrigued me the most to enter – great winemaker’s judging my wine.

Who would have thought they would like my wine, a unoaked chardonnay at that. There wasn’t even a separate category for it. I sent my wine in under the chardonnay category and just crossed my fingers.

When I saw the results come through Twitter I was stunned and excited at the same time. I almost couldn’t believe it. It was exciting to know that those great wine makers actually thought my unoaked chardonnay was great. How exciting is that? 🙂

I love what I do and do what I love…how awesome is that….?

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