Follow Your Passion

Tammy Colson and I became friends on twitter when we each probably had about 100 followers. We became instant friends and have been friends ever since. I look forward to meeting her in real life one day and talking more about how our passions changed our lives…Read her story…

Jump Into Your Passion

Following your passion can be hard work. Its always a journey. And sometimes there is a long road between what you do, and loving what you do. I was a United States Marine, a historian, and a pretty kick ass Human Resources professional. I’d been in the HR field for over 15 years, and I loved it, or thought I loved it. The last few years are debatable.

You see, about 4 years ago, I fell in love. With wine, and the outdoors. I realized I was no longer in love with HR – and I had been – passionate about good business and helping businesses be good to their people. I was good at it, but I was no longer enjoying it. I’d lost my passion in the bad business practices.

I needed a change so I decided to start building a path towards my love. I began doing wine and hiking tours through my business, Southern Wine Trails. It was part time, when my HR career allowed, and I loved it more than my full time, pay the bills job. But HR got in the way. Or maybe I let HR get in the way. My existing HR career was an easier path. Building a business from scratch was hard.

Then a few things happened that changed my perspective. I lost my HR job in the deep south, I met an amazing man while on a business trip, and I moved to Cleveland, OH when we decided we lived too far apart. I was at a definite fork in the road. Was it time to jump into my passion, or return to the safety net that was my career? I knew the wine world was really where I wanted to be. I was talking about wine, and introducing people to incredible wines, wineries and winemakers for free again. This really was my passion. It was time to use my skills and my passion and stop being afraid.

My company, Southern Wine Trails has been reborn in Cleveland, OH as a service provider to small businesses in the wine world and wine consumers. Our focus is new media marketing and consulting for wineries and retailers as well as planning private wine tasting events. And yes, we still do all-inclusive wine weekends for the adventurous tourist or business.

Following your passion isn’t just about what you are skilled in, or educated for. Sometimes its about finding your love, and getting good at it. Much like the relationship that blossoms at a most unexpected time, so may your life’s passion. You may just have to listen to what you talk about when you aren’t talking about your job.

Tammy Colson can be found on twitter at @tlcolson and @sowinetrails. Southern Wine Trails helps wineries and wine retailers grow their businesses. And she creates wonderful wine tasting events… its all part of being a southern girl.


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