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Discover It in Slow Motion

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Sometimes we get so busy with our everyday lives that it’s easy to lose focus on what really matters. We tend to put on those blinders and charge full steam ahead without seeing our journey along the way .

What would it be like if we put our lives in slow motion? You know…like in the movies when they put the film in slow motion…you can see everything that is happening. I like to take the time to look at wine this way.  A part of enjoying the wine that’s in the bottle starts with taking the time to learn about the wine and its journey to the bottle. Pick up the bottle and take a look at the label. Slow down…take your time…what does the label say about the wine or the winemaker’s passion? I love reading wine labels. Sometimes there is actually some pretty good information on them. Other times, I am left wanting. Some people are label-buyers…they select the wine because the label intrigued them in some way. Did you choose this bottle of wine for the label and why?

Next take a look at the closure.  What type of foil is covering the cork? Does it even have a foil? I have bought some wines that don’t have a foil. What type of cork or closure does it have? Is it a real cork? There are a lot of alternative styles of corks on the market. Does the cork have any writing on it? Have you ever noticed that some wineries take special care to put their logo, the year, website, or a saying on the cork? Some are just plain cork without any information.  Does the closure pull easily?  My favorite observation is the bottom of the cork…has the wine stained the cork with its own stamp of identity?

Now you are ready to pour…What type of glass are you pouring it in? (but that’s another blog…) How does it look? Is the color what you expected? You can tell a lot about wine by the color (that’s another blog, too.) Can you smell it as its being poured? How does it smell? Is it what you expected? (and yet another blog…LOL) Slow down and approach the wine.  Sometimes I like to smell the aroma a few times before I actually taste the wine. There are times when the aroma is so enticing, I just keep sniffing it. What aromas do you get? Can you describe what you are sensing?

OK… now the big moment…let’s taste it. That first sip…does it measure up to what you are smelling? Does it measure up to the label description? Does it measure up to everything you expected? What do you taste? Follow up that first impression with another sip. Can you describe it better? Can you imagine what food you would like to pair with it? Smell it again…swirl it around and stick your nose down in the glass – take a deep breath.

Savor the moment…sip your wine and take in all you can learn about it. Share it with someone special…that’s why it’s made…

Follow your passion…I know I am…


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