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Where is your next travel destination?  How about a cruise to the Mediterranean?  Join Passaggio Wines, Destinations Magazine, Misty Travel, and My Cru Wine Club in this great Twitter #TravelTuesday conversation…

Wine Cruise Tweetup…join in the fun!

Wine Cruise Tweetup.


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Chase Down Your Passion

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I would like to introduce a wonderful friend of mine, Elizabeth Smith. We met on twitter and have actually met in person a couple of times when she has visited wine country. She is known on twitter as @cestbeth and on facebook as Elizabeth Smith and Traveling Wine Chicks. Elizabeth has so graciously shared her passion with me. Read what she has to say…

Chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night. ~Terri Guillemets

I fell in love with the French language in high school, yet I failed to see it as one of my passions until after my sophomore year in college. I began college as a political science major, then I became a computer science major, but I was always minoring in French. One day it dawned on me, “French is my calling.” I talked to my parents, crying, as I told them I wanted to major in French. They supported my decision and gave me their blessing.

Between my junior and senior years, my dream of studying in France came true. I spent a summer in Paris, the Loire Valley, and studying at the University of Provence in Aix-en-Provence. From that sprang my second passion, traveling.

I continued my studies in French and language education through the doctoral level and have taught both French and Spanish at a Virginia community college since 1989. I met my boyfriend in 1997 and am in my fourteenth year of commuting to and from Yonkers, NY and around the world. In 2008, a virtual frequent flier friend of mine saw my love and gift for travel, and decided to take a chance on hiring me as his company’s travel manager. From this, my part-time travel company, C’est Beth, was born. I also began blogging about travel and subsequently created a Twitter and Facebook presence for my new business. This year I took the next step and became an independent travel agent with Montrose Travel’s home-based travel agent division.

Wherever your passion lies, seize it and live it now, for all we really have is today.

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