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Can You Believe It?

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Here we are…in the thick of harvest!!! Phoebe will be 11 weeks old this Thursday!! The Sonoma Tasting Room is doing great! The San Francisco Tasting Room is doing great! The 2014 Harvest looks great! Have I said the word “great” yet…? I have been known to say “awesome” a lot…(thought I’d change it up a bit 😉


Just a bit tired but will keep you posted on this “awesome” harvest (there’s that word) – So far I have brought in Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauv Blanc, Rousanne, and some Pinot Noir. It’s looking good!!!

If you get a chance, stop by the Sonoma Tasting Room. We are pouring some “great” wines. Open today (Sept 15th) from 12-6pm…


Cheers to a “great” harvest

Passaggio Wines

Opening Day!

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I am very proud to present the opening of the Passaggio Wines Sonoma Tasting Room. What a dream come true! I am very blessed to be surrounded by some wonderful people who have made this part of my journey come to life. Come on in for a great glass of wine!

Tasting room: 25 East Napa Street, Suite C, Sonoma, CA.
Hours: Mon 12-6, Tues closed, Wed closed, Thurs 12-6, Fri 11-6, Sat 11-6, Sun 11-6

Cheers to my friends and family!!

You can check out more photos on the Passaggio Wines Facebook Page!!



Passaggio Wines

Closer Every Day

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This has been such an exciting journey!! We are getting closer every day to opening the Passaggio Wines tasting room. Everything is coming together with the help of some great friends! I can’t wait for you to see it. I am thinking we will open very soon – so stay tuned!!

Look out Sonoma – here I come!





Passaggio Wines

Comcast, PG&E, Drywall – oh my!!

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I was sitting outside the tasting room while the Comcast technician hooked up the internet, telephone, and TV! Good grief, TV?? Oh well it came with the bundle package. The PG&E was hooked up a few weeks ago, and now the drywall is going up.

As I sat outside in front of the tasting room I was admiring the fountain and listening to the water…it was a beautiful day in Sonoma. I can’t wait to open!!!



Passaggio Wines


Wide Open Spaces

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For those following the transformation of the Passaggio Wines Tasting Room…

It’s so exciting to see the space opened up!!

Still lots to do – but now we have a clean slate to work with. PG&E is hooked up and Comcast is scheduled for the 11th. We are right on schedule!!! The tasting room menu and wine club sign up forms are in the design stages…I am very excited! The outside signage still needs approval. I have  hired a couple of people to work in the tasting room – but we may need one more 😉

Wide Open Space



Passaggio Wines


Empty Space…but not for Long!!

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We finally got the keys to the Passaggio Wines tasting room space…whoohoooo!!! Here we go!! We have lots of work to do to get ready to open. There will be some changes to the space over the next few weeks so stay tuned to watch the transformation…check out the before photos!!

Remember the last blog post of the choices for the back wall? The previous tenant had a painting hanging in that spot. That wall will be completely covered with one of the choices you saw in the previous post. If you missed it, you can view it here. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Tasting Room Empty



kitchen to morrocan room



pano from kitchen


Stay tuned

Passaggio Wines

Choose one!!

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The Passaggio Wines tasting room is coming along nicely!! I am getting very excited as we take over the space this month and start on some renovations. I was given a choice of these two options for the back wall….

Which one do you like…?


Passaggio Back Wall #1
Choice #1
Choice #2



Passaggio Wines