Wine and Food Pairing Guide

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Wine and Food Pairing eBook
Wine and Food Pairing eBook


As part of our daily survival, we all know what we like and don’t like when it comes to food. Why? Because our our sense of smell and our sense of taste tell us. To a certain degree, so does our sense of sight. When you become a winemaker, these senses take over again and tell you when your wine is great or when it’s not quite right. This mini-course aims to help you combine the two together – your love of food and knowing what you like and don’t like together with your love of wine for the same reasons. You will find eight chapters:

• Part 1 (The Basics)
• Part 1 (The Basics)
• Part 2 (Beef, Lamb & Pork)
• Part 3 (Chicken, Goose & Duck)
• Part 4 (Barbecue)
• Part 5 (Fish & Shellfish)
• Part 6 (Cheese)
• Part 7 (Chocolate)
• Part 8 (Christmas)
• One Final Chart

Shall we get started? 

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Cynthia Cosco

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Wine That Finds You

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pouring_Passaggio_merlotIs it worth it to ask all of you to comment on “do you find or look for boutique wines?” It is worth it to me!!!

I jumped into the wine industry with a passion. Doesn’t everyone? Wine can be such a luring, compelling, sexy, passionate drink. There are so many wines out there to try. Who isn’t on the hunt for great wines at a great price these days? Who doesn’t like finding those small gems that are tucked away in the crevices of the Wine Industry?

I am on the hunt for you…people who are passionate about wine. I am looking for people who believe in finding special wine that is unique and often not heard of…wine that is made with passion…wine that brings life to your table, and wine you enjoy sharing with your friends and family. I am on the hunt for those who want to be part of something special.

Yes…I am on the hunt for you!!!

I want to share my passion with you.


Passaggio Wines

Black Friday / Free Shipping

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Hum…Black Friday…not quite sure I like the verbage but it’s slowly creeping up on us. Black Friday will begin the holiday shopping spree of millions of people. Imagine that. Millions of people searching for that special gift for that special someone. Whether it be on line purchases or actaully braving the traffic and hitting the local shops, people will be buying, buying, buying…as will I. (I have quite a few special someones)

Passaggio Wines has decided to act on the “Black Friday” thing this year to bring you some very special wines. For one day only, Friday Nov 26th, when you purchase three bottles or more of Passaggio Wines you will get FREE shipping (ground only) Just type the word Friday in the coupon code section of the website.

I think I will just call it Mega Shopper Friday – just sayin…

Enjoy the slide show

Happy Shopping,

Passaggio Wines