Wine, Art, Food, Friends

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What goes together better than wonderful friends, great wine, awesome art, and great food?  As we walked around the Quent Cordair Fine Art Gallery on Friday night, we wandered through the gallery discussing the amazing pieces of art, shared  events of our week with one another, nibbled on some great appetizers and sipped on some great wine.  What a great ending to our week!

It’s all about community.  We come together at these special times to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.  We share our concerns and our joys.  We share our triumphs and our setbacks.  We share our hearts.  We get inspired, encouraged, and uplifted.  Then we go our separate ways to do our part out in our own communities…to touch the lives of others.

Thank you for touching my life

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Where to Find Great Wines

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Passaggio Treasure MapSearching for some wine…?  I run across people all the time that are looking for boutique wines.  It is becoming the trend.  Trying to find that special wine with limited cases production is a like a treasure hunt.  If you are looking to find some great wines, made with passion, you have found the X on your treasure map….start digging!!!!

Click the 25 second video link below and see your discovery…

Jive A– Wines


Passaggio Wines