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My Challenge to You for 2010…how are we doing…?

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I wrote this blog at the beginning of 2010…how are we doing….?

Welcome to 2010…(I think I will call it twenty-ten) 🙂 It’s the beginning of a new start for some, and the continuation of special things for others. I am sure there were New Year’s resolutions being made last night and some who refused to make any at all. It’s all in how you look at it. Resolutions or goals can be made at any time of the year not just on New Year’s Eve, although it may mark the time of new beginnings for some – a clean slate so to speak.

I believe in living our lives to the best of our ability day in and day out. Oh, we may waiver or stumble at times (and trust me, we do) but we get back up, dust off, make adjustments, and go again. If anyone faults you for that, well…shame on them.

For those who have already made their resolutions for 2010 and even for those who did not make any at all, I challenge you this year to “Follow Your Passion” – yes…dig way down deep inside and find what you are passionate about and follow it. You never know where it might lead you…

Happy New Year,

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