Harvest 2013

All Bottled Up

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After I wrote the title it sounded kinda funny to me. But what the heck – it’s my blog 😉

I have been quite busy these past few months getting wines ready for bottling and I am very excited to say that all the 2013 Passaggio White wines and Rosé have been bottled. Whooohooooo!!!!

2013 is turning out to be a great vintage. The whites and the Rosé are fantastic. I was able to get the Rose Colored Glasses on the website as a pre-order and believe me, it’s going fast!! So if you would like to pre-order the Rose Colored Glasses you can do so here. I don’t think it’s going to last long!!

I think this video says it all – I am glad bottling is finally finished!! Cheers to 2013 Vintage!



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Harvest 2013 – Grapes All In

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Harvest has finally settled down. We have a few things still fermenting but all is well. The grapes looked fantastic this year! I’m predicting another great vintage! I am looking forward to sharing this vintage with you!

Here are just a few photos from Harvest 2013 – Enjoy

Harvest 2013.


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Happy Harvest 2013 Gratitude

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Well, predictions were right for Harvest 2013…it came early!  The 2013 Passaggio Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio came in full 10 days earlier than 2012 and the grapes looked fantastic…I actually think they look better than last year’s!

Harvest 2013It was a brisk morning in Lodi when they picked fruit at 6:30am. I always love this time of year. It’s a time when thoughts of the outside world normally fade away as the sound of grape laden buckets takes over and harvest becomes the center of all activity.  It’s  a peaceful time when I can forget about everything else and just focus on harvest. This year, though, has been a little different. Mattie, my Airedale and Passaggio Winery dog, has undergone bone cancer surgery to remove her left front leg. It has taken its toll on me for sure. My heart is heavy and my spirit is weary. Mattie is actually doing better than I am. She seems better each day. Still not quite able to stand on her own, but she is getting better. I am sure she will be running…well, I understand it may resemble a hop… around the winery before you know it.  I am very thankful for all the support, hugs, thoughts, and prayers during this difficult journey. Barbara, my neighbor and wonderful friend, has been such a huge support. She made dinner twice for us and visits Mattie at least twice a day for belly rubs. Mariah, my pastor, brought a care package of snacks…doggie treats for Mattie and ice cream for me! Friends from all over the world are leaving social media messages of encouragement…wonderful words of encouragement and daily advice.

Me and Mattie

For these things I am very grateful….

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