Secret Santa

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Take a look around…there are so many people in your community who are in need this season and through out the year! Passaggio Wines has joined hearts with the Volunteer Center of Sonoma to help those less fortunate in our community. Come by the tasting room and take a heart from our Christmas tree and make it a special day for someone this Christmas. You can return the gift you purchased, gift wrapped, with the sticker applied to the package and we will deliver it for you.

Secret Santa Tree


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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BlogTalk Radio – CellarCast

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My good friend, Dan Goderis, better known as the Iowa Wino, ¬†contacted me a couple of months ago to do a talk radio show. I was excited to do it but then when the show was to air, I wasn’t available. We finally were able to put the show together yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it, Dan called and said his computer shut down and he was having a hard time rebooting it. ūüėČ Ain’t technology grand?

I waited and waited – listening to that interesting music (well, maybe not so interesting LOL) and finally Dan was able to get his computer to work. I wish I could have seen him behind the scenes… ūüėČ

This is what he said on his blog page. “All I can say is that old groundhog better never show his face around me. Right before we are going live for this weeks BlogTalk Radio show my internet and power glitch turned this relatively calm individual into 2 year old tantrum mode. Not only would nothing boot up quickly but it appeared it wanted to mess with me and start loading all sorts of updates. Note to self screaming at the router and laptop does not help nor does threatening to throw it in the foot of snow outside. Yes and while this was going on it was snowing outside and the poor winemaker was on hold thinking “I agreed to do what?” With music clips wiped out and the opening vanished we managed to duct tape the show together and had a fun little time. Thanks Cindy for being such a sport.

I invite you to listen and learn more about me…here’s the link CellarCast with Passaggio Wines



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Wine, Art, Food, Friends

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What goes together better than wonderful friends, great wine, awesome art, and great food?  As we walked around the Quent Cordair Fine Art Gallery on Friday night, we wandered through the gallery discussing the amazing pieces of art, shared  events of our week with one another, nibbled on some great appetizers and sipped on some great wine.  What a great ending to our week!

It’s all about community.¬† We come together at these special times to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.¬† We share our concerns and our joys.¬† We share our triumphs and our setbacks.¬† We share our hearts.¬† We get inspired, encouraged, and uplifted.¬† Then we go our separate ways to do our part out in our own communities…to touch the lives of others.

Thank you for touching my life

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