Let it Breathe – VinoMax Wine Aerator

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Let it breathe!!!

These two triple VinoMax Aerators arrived at my house a few weeks back. I was asked to give them a try and write about my experience. I can truly say I was intrigued!

They both worked like a charm, although I preferred the handheld device over the one you actually place in the bottle. They both helped enhance the wine I was drinking for the evening. I would definitely the VinoMax Aerator. It’s also a great conversation piece to have when friends come over for dinner. And I love talking about wine!!

I am keeping the handheld VinoMax on the counter for those wines I think need to breathe. I don’t drink too many heavy reds but when I do this will be an awesome device to have. Check out their website.

Thanks so much for the opportunity VinoMax…




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