Gluten Free Chicken and Passaggio Pinot Grigio

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I met Rain Graves in 2010 IRL. We first met on twitter. Rain and her husband live in San Francisco and often make trips to Napa to taste and buy some of their favorite wines. They wanted to stop by the winery where I was pouring my wines to meet. We set up a day and time. When they arrived I noticed she had a book in her hand. It was a book she had written. WOW – a published author!!

Rain and her husband fell in love with Passaggio Wines and have bought them every year ever since then. This past Saturday, Rain tweeted out a photo of some gluten-free fried chicken (that she made) paired with the Passaggio 2010 Pinot Grigio. I couldn’t believe she still had a bottle of the 2010. I reposted that photo on the Passaggio Wines Facebook Page. All of a sudden, people were wanting the recipe. Rain was so kind to post it on the page…The post and conversation went something like this:

Passaggio Wines: Rain Graves makes Gluten Free Fried Chicken to pair with Passaggio 2010 Pinot Grigio…wow!!

Gluten Free Chicken / Passaggio PG

Suzie Linville Awesome! What’s the recipe? I recently learned I am gluten sensitive.
Passaggio WinesI’m trying to get the recipe for you guys…
Donna Boyd Love recipe..
Passaggio Wines:  I can try to get it Donna
Donna Boyd: Thank you..if you to have it…looks yummy. .and better for me..
Yvonne Arnold: Great idea. Rice flour probably. Recipe if possible please.
Passaggio Wines:  I’m asking now…
Ray Capiral: I’ve been craving a good PG

Rain Graves:  For the egg wash – (you can actually do this with OUT the eggs to make it more healthy and extra crispy, as pictured, but for naysayers…use 2 eggs). 1.5 cups reduced fat buttermilk, juice of 2 fresh lemons (1.5 if large). Mix well.

For the batter: 1/2 bag Thomas Keller’s Cup 4 Cup Gluten Free flour. I also love’s Seasoned Flour Mix for a non spicy version. Old Bay Seasoning to taste (the more the spicier – you can also substitute your fav Creole mix), fresh cracked black pepper, 1-2 cups crushed corn flakes (safeway brand is GF).

Soak in milk overnight if doing breasts… drain and pat dry, salt and pepper to taste. For only dark meat pieces (pictured are thighs) you can skip the soaking, dip in flour mix, then egg wash, then flour mix again. This seals in the moisture.

Deep fry in peanut oil…depending on the size of your pieces, about 10-15 minutes, or until floating or deep golden brown. Let rest 10 minutes…and enjoy with your favorite vintage of Passaggio Pinot Grigio 😉

Rain Graves: That recipe makes 14 thighs

Passaggio Wines: Thank you Rain for sharing this recipe
Passaggio Wines: Ok recipe is up on the post.
Suzie Linville: Thank you so much!!
Donna Boyd: Thank you Rain…sharing Thank you Cynthia for asking..Enjoy your evening ladies..
Rain Graves: Anytime.  I hope you enjoy it! Would’ve typed a proper format but I’m accessing FB on my cell. 🙂
Stacy Su: You will have to share that recipe.
Charlene Johnson: It sounds and looks great!!

That Sunday Rain met me at the tasting room and brought me a couple of pieces of that Gluten Free Chicken…what a treat!! I paired it with the Passaggio 2012 Pinot Grigio – it was fantastic!!!

Gluten Free Chicken / 2012 Passaggio PG


Passaggio Wines

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