Checking Those Sulfurs

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Sulfur Dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula SO2 and is responsible for the wording on wine labels “contains sulfites”.

One of the most important things to do in the wine making process is to make sure the sulfur is at the appropriate level in the wine. There are a few ways of checking this and I use the A/O method. I adjust my SO2 levels depending on the pH level in the wine. The test only takes 10 minutes per wine.

Here are a couple of reasons to add sulfur to wine:

First, it is a microbial agent which helps curtail unwanted bacteria growth. Second, it helps keeps the wine fresh and protects it from browning. We don’t want the sulfur levels too high though. That’s when you smell that burnt match smell. So it’s important to keep good notes and write down everything you do in your wine makers notebook.

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