The Day Finally Arrived!

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Passaggio Bottling 2012March 15th – Passaggio Wines on the calendar for bottling. The days leading up to this date were intense. Trying to coordinate getting all the packaging paraphernalia to the winery on time was quite a task not to mention getting the wine ready too. It actually came down to the wire. The capsules and corks were to arrive on the 14th. Two o’clock went by and the UPS driver had all ready dropped a package off at the winery and it wasn’t the capsules and corks for Passaggio Wines bottling. I immediately got on the phone to the company and they had me down as bottling on the 25th…oy vay!!! Needless to say, you can bottle without capsules, but you can’t bottle without corks!

The company realized their mistake and had the capsules and corks to me at 7am on the 15th. Now that’s cutting it close…geez!

The day went very smooth. I had wonderful friends who took part in this memorable occasion. It makes bottling more of a non stressful day when you have great people helping you get through it. Passaggio Wines bottled the 2012 Unoaked Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Rose Colored Glasses, and newly added to the line-up this year – Sauvignon Blanc.

Shout out to Dave Gifford, Chris Nelson, Justin Rose, and the Luna Sei group for all their help!!! You guys are awesome….



Passaggio Wines


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