It’s That Time of Year

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It’s that time of year when I start getting nervous yet excited about harvest.  It’s on my mind day in and day out.  When will the grapes be ready…is this an early harvest?  Do I have all my equipment ready?  Do I have all the chemicals I need?  These are some of the thoughts running through my mind right before harvest.  It’s like the quiet before the storm.

Excitement is in the air.  All across the wine industry, wine makers, vineyard managers, cellar workers, and wine industry vendors are on standby.  We are all hoping for a great harvest.  We are all hoping for the best one yet…LOL

Whatever Mother Nature decides, we will make the best wine with what we have been given.  I can’t wait to hear the sound of that first truck bring in the first fruit.

Stay tuned for what’s in store for Passaggio Wines – it won’t be long before we have the “Blessing of the Grapes”



Passaggio Wines


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