A Stainless Christmas In July

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Is that all stainless…?  I get that question a lot about my wines.  Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Rosé are all fermented and aged in stainless tanks.  They do not go through malolactic fermentation which gives these wines a nice crispness that pairs well with food.  I also love to ferment the wines in different vessels, with different yeasts. They are left on the lees and stirred often.  I feel this adds a nice complexity to the wines.  The wines are then blended and cold/heat stabilized.

I was very excited to unwrap my new stainless drums and my new stainless tank.  It felt like Christmas in July.  If you would like a tour and tasting of Passaggio Wines just send an email to passaggiowines@comcast.net – it’s a pretty cool place – check it out Dogpatch Wine Works

Hope to see you there!

Passaggio Wines

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