Chardonnay Day

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Chardonnay Day?  Who would have thought that we would be having such a day each year.  Who would have thought I would be writing about this a few years ago?

The annual Chardonnay Day was born from social media.  People from all over the world will be joining in this awesome tasting.  It is your chance to participate in one of the largest wine tastings in the world.  All you have to do is have a glass of Chardonnay (your choice) and share your tasting experience with millions of people on a social media site.

My passion, as a winemaker, is to create a Chardonnay that has complexity, layers of wonderful flavors, good acidity, and pairs well with food.  I believe the Chardonnay grape is one of the most versatile grapes there is. I love what you can produce with this wine.  I am sure we will be hearing all sorts of tasting notes from around the world on every type of Chardonnay out there.

Whatever you decide to open I hope you are having it with some great food and wonderful friends.  After all, that is what it’s all about…sharing our experiences.  There is nothing more satisfying than sitting around the table with great wine, awesome food, wonderful friends, and sharing our lives with one another.

As the day approaches for our Annual Chardonnay Day I hope you are considering joining in on the fun.  Don’t miss this one…it’s gonna be a blast.  See you there…


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