The Key to True Influence

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I have read up on all this Klout hype and even found other sites that are capable of measuring your social influence…but, really, how do you measure one’s influence? It’s a very interesting concept to say the least. Let’s look at the factors…

TRUE REACH – this is considered the number of people you influence…how do you measure influence?

AMPLIFICATION – this is how much you influence people…how do you measure how much?

NETWORK – this is the influence of people in your true reach…now we are back to TRUE REACH.

It’s all very confusing to me. I believe if you are honest and trustworthy, engage with people (I mean really have a conversation) then you will begin to find your true reach. How much you influence people is up to them. It’s something that you should just automatically do. A caring, loving, helpful person will influence and reach more people in a way that cannot be calculated and drawn up on a pie chart.

Maybe I am being a bit old fashion on this subject. The more I thought about this the more I began to look at my Influence and True Reach. The thought of measuring influence started the other day while I was Christmas shopping with my mom.

I heard the sound of the “ringing bell” – Yeah…you know that sound. The person who stands outside the grocery store or department store with a bell in hand and a red bucket for you to throw your change into. We walked over to say hello and asked how they were doing. As we were talking I dropped some money in that red bucket.

Our next stop that day was the Hospice Thrift Store. We had a few bags filled with clothes to drop off for donation. The ladies that worked in the shop were all glad to see us. We stuck around for a few minutes. We ended up talking about the Christmas cookies they made that night before.

That evening Mom and I went to what they call the “Soup Opera.” A place where the homeless can come in from the cold and get a warm meal. The Women’s Business Club had started collecting new shirts, hats, gloves, and socks from the community earlier in the season. There were at least 12 of us there that evening to put the clothes together according to size (ranging from children to adult) and then gift wrap each one. Each gift consisted of a shirt, a pair of gloves, a pair of socks, and a hat. We wrapped 195 Christmas gifts for the homeless that evening. 195 people getting a new shirt, a hat, a pair of gloves and socks. How about that for true reach?

Whether you drop some change in the Salvation Army bucket, donate something to a thrift shop, give some time to helping the homeless or even engage in some conversation with someone during your day, you cannot measure the influence or impact that has. Touching lives is the key to true influence.

How do we measure this in social media? No need for a pie chart – just touch lives!!

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