Do It Afraid

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I was asked by a dear friend if I had ever written a blog about the “Fear of Following Your Passion.” I told her that I had written about Following Your Passion on many different levels and would talk about the fear of following your passion just for her. I wouldn’t give up the journey I have taken thus far – just watch the fun I am having…

When I think of fear, several things come to mind. The Wikipedia meaning of fear is “the ability to recognize danger and flee from it or confront it, also known as the Fight or Flight response.” Sometimes fear rises up in us when we want to change, and that fear keeps us from change. I say, sometimes you have to do those things afraid. When I wanted to leave law enforcement to follow my passion of winemaking, I was very afraid. I had been in law enforcement for 15 years. Why would I want to give that up for something that may fail? I was afraid. A friend gave me a paper weight that was inscribed with “what would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail” So I came up with a plan that I was comfortable with and began to execute it. Was I still afraid? You bet!!!

The fear that some of us feel can sometimes be too overwhelming and it causes us to retreat. Our dreams don’t become reality. We begin to let fear rule us. Giving in to that fear stifles our dreams. We just continue to dream about it. If you have a step by step plan to make that dream come true you can watch it unfold before your eyes…even if you are afraid. Don’t get discouraged – be not afraid.

Follow your Passion

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