In the Quietness

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I love this time of year. The air is fresh, the flowers are in bloom, and it’s quiet. The mornings are filled with the smell of coffee, birds chirping, and the sun coming through the kitchen window…makes for a wonderful start to my day.

The vineyards are quiet…the vines are budding with flowers and the vineyard managers are pruning back the unwanted lateral shoots, and new shoots are being directed and positioned. I love watching this process. The vineyard workers take such care in handling the vines. While I am watching all I hear is the rustling of the vines and the workers movement through the rows of green.

This quiet place offers peace and tranquillity…great ingredients for a short afternoon walk. Sometimes you just need that place where your thoughts cannot be disturbed and all you hear is the silence. As I travel back from my walk through the vineyards I cannot help but think how much the vines must love this quietness.

Find your quiet place today


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    Heike said:
    May 17, 2010 at 7:00 pm


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