Are We Heat and Cold Stable

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Passaggio 09 Unoaked Chard and 09 Pinot Grigio are on cold stability at the moment awaiting to become bottled poetry. Cold stabilizing makes the wine clean, clear and stable…I am about to take samples of both wines and conduct a heat test and cold stability test. I was thinking about this the other day, wondering if my life was heat and cold stable. What a concept…there are so many stressful things thrown at us. Are we stabilized?

How does the concept of heat and cold stabilization relate to our life? When we endure stressful events, we need to be stable in our walk to overcome those obstacles. A heat test for Passaggio consists of putting two glass heat-resistant tubes (about 50ml) in a hot water bath at about 80 degrees Farenheit for about 2-4 hours. The cold stability test consists of two 100ml samples put in the freezer – one for four hours and the other for seven. Heat test hopefully will show no protein haze and the cold test no tartrate crystals…they should both come out clean and clear.

When we go through the fire so to speak, hopefully we come out clean and clear… 🙂 How do you get yourself ready for the heats and the colds of life….? Think about it…


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