Throw Your Net Out into the Deep

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If you remember your Sunday school lesson there were some fishermen that caught a boat load of fish (no pun intended) one day because someone (namely Jesus) told them to throw their nets over the side of the boat and they would catch some fish. Much like today, we in the Wine Industry are throwing our nets overboard in hopes to catch consumers who want to drink some nice wines…

Our net, this Social Media Craze, is being flung overboard like crazy. Twitter, Facebook, Bloggers, Websites, Online shopping, etc, are all catching the consumer’s eye. But there is more to it…what about the face to face personal touch. (no, that’s not what I mean, geez) I mean telling your story to a group of people who are interested in you…yes, you. Everyone has a story. So how do you tell that story 140 characters at a time? Or how do you tell that story one Update status at a time, or by blogging every day or every other day? Well, I think we just answered our own questions. We tell it one hundred forty characters at a time, one Update status at a time, one blog at a time, and etc, etc. It takes hard work and determination mixed with some faith, and viola…your net will be full.

Those few men threw their nets out into the deep and look what they accomplished. Follow your passion… Throw your net overboard…tell your story…fill your nets to overflowing.


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