Stirred But Not Shaken

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wine pairings, I am excited about this new year – 2010. My heart is stirred about the wine industry and the direction it seems to be going. We have wine bloggers, wine videos, wine apps for your phone, online wine shopping, new ways to taste wine (tiny bottles and Brixr) twitter, facebook, and so many more ways of getting information to you so you can make great choices for that special wine you want to purchase. It’s exciting to say the least. We have a ways to go – but I am “Not Shaken”

The consumer has so many choices now and many more ways to see tasting notes and food pairings…it’s awesome. I love the wine blogs that I follow. They are all phenomenal. They give me their true opinion of the wines and are a great resource to where I can get great wine at a great price. The blogs also give us a look into their lives and the funny and exciting things they are doing.

The local wine shops are doing more in terms of tastings and pairings – educating the consumer. Online wine shopping gives us the opportunity to get wines that we possibly can’t find in the local wine shop. How awesome is that? 🙂

I believe social media hasn’t really even taken off yet…well, for me anyway. I am only a small fish in the sea of millions of twitter and facebook folks. (I am at 990 followers as I write this – hence the small fish) The whole social media, wine blogging, online wine shopping has been a great ride so far…I think I’ll stay on this roller coaster…arms up everyone – enjoy the ride…follow your passion.


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