What Does the Wine Consumer Want?

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I woke up this morning (I know…a good thing) 🙂 – wondering how was I going to sell my wine this year. What new marketing ways can I come up with. This direct to consumer thing has got me thinking about it day in and day out…24/7. It has consumed me. The wine industry tends to do that to people. Making the wine is a piece of cake to me…it’s the marketing and selling that I am challenged with.

I am trying to come up with ways to get you (the consumer) interested in going to a website and actually purchasing great wine at a great price. What gets the average consumer to do that? Bombarding them with emails…? I don’t think so.

Would you be intereted in little gifts that would accompany your bottle…? Do you not like paying for shipping? Would you rather be in a wine club and just automatically get your shipment every month and not worry about ordering all the time? What could I offer? All these questions go through my mind each day.

What does the wine consumer want? Feed back would be greatly appreciated….


Passaggio Wines

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