Get Your Wallet Ready

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Christmas tree, check. Ornaments, check. Decorations, check. Grocery list, check. Christmas Presents…uh oh! I’ve got some shopping to do and I better hurry before it’s too late or I will be scrambling to find that perfect gift. Maybe some wine would be a nice gift for the holidays…oh yeah, that’s been done before. 🙂

I guess Cyber Monday “surfing the web” (as they call it) for this holiday season has already begun and I didn’t get in on the act just yet. I like supporting the little guy. You know, the merchant or small company sharing their passions and giving you wonderful products all year round. Some of these “little guys” have websites you can purchase from. Passaggio Wines has been working on getting their new website up for the holiday season. This has been most challenging, but it’s about ready to launch.

I hope you will be encouraged this season to give a little of yourself (actually your money) to to those less fortunate this season. Don’t forget the “bell ringers with the red buckets” or any of your local charities. Stay tuned for the launching of Passaggio’s Holiday Special…get your hearts and wallets ready…

Ah what the heck…let’s go ahead and get started…check out


Passaggio Wines

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