There’s Always More

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As we head into the 2009 Christmas Holiday, I am excited to see what this season will bring. These past few months have been awesome. The Wine Industry is a wonderful business to be in right now. I have made some great friends. People who are passionate about what they are doing. A passion that feeds others…and spreads like wildfire.

When I meet passionate people, my passion grows even more for what I am doing and it helps me to spread my passion to others as well. Following your passion…dreaming…grasping it in your hand and making that dream become a reality. What a way to live! Seeing my passion that is so deep down inside grow and spread to others…that’s a great feeling.

What I am experiencing in my passion walk is “there is always more”. Each day brings a new idea, a new start, a continued journey…

Stay on the path you have carved out, follow your passions and watch your dreams become realities. You won’t regret any of it no matter how hard it becomes…each day is a new beginning. Find that rainbow and follow it. Remember…”there is always more”….


Passaggio Wines

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