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The grapes are all in and the hype and excitement during “harvest” seems to be dwindling. But it’s not over. There are still punch downs, brix measurements, pressings, ML innoculations, RS/ML checks, and SO2 additions…it really never stops. It’s a cycle of life. I think it’s exciting all the way to bottling and then of course to taste the fruits (no pun intended) of your labor is even more exciting.

We are still punching down our last 100 ton or so (in one ton fermentors) and will pressing the extended macerations soon and then pressing off the rest of the fermentations. Then the real challenge sets in…monitoring over 1000 individual lots (barrels) for RS and ML. It is interesting to watch how each barrel reacts to the climate of the barrel room. Each will finish their secondary fermentation at a different pace. A living entity in each barrel…exciting, uh?

Anyway…this has been an exciting and unusual harvest (I think we say that every year) – let’s keep that excitement going…the passion is still stirring…oh, that reminds me, I have to go stir some barrels…


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