The Romance is Still Alive

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As I looked out over the fermenting bins in the winery I was reminded that there were a lot of yeast innocluations to do, a lot of brix and temps to measure, oh, and maybe some nutrients to add, and punch downs to get done…etc, etc…

I was checking my Pinot Grigio for RS levels today and found the barrels to be dry. I began adding SO2 and topping my barrels when I suddenly realized that I was making wine. What an exciting time to be a winemaker. Yes, the romance is still alive…it is alive and well. I see it on the faces of all the clients who walk into the winery. I see it in all the Crush Camp people who come to the winery to learn about how wine is made. It’s all in the attitude.

I believe that if you are having a good time and really enjoying what you are doing you will make great wine. The hours may be long and the days start to run together…but we are in one of the most exciting businesses that I know of. Making wine…a living thing…a romantic thing. We are making something that people go out and seek. They read about it, they love the mystique about it, they enjoy sharing it with friends and family, and they love the romance.

What a great job I have…and believe it or not, the romance is still alive.


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