Selling Wine…Let’s Talk About It

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It’s another harvest…the grapes, the forklifts, the T-Bins, the oak barrels, the stainless steel tanks, the yeast, the smell of fermenting juice…I love it all. There is excitement in the air. We are the winemakers – we keep the “romance” alive. So what if we are working 12-15 hour days, 6-7 days a week…it’s harvest!!!! It’s only for a very short period of time when you look at the whole picture. Just think of the great wines that will be coming out of the 09 harvest. It looks to me like 09 will be a great year…my 09 Pinot Grigio and 09 Unoaked Chardonnay are looking great at the moment and I’m sure they will be fantastic in the bottle.

The hype of harvest and the excitement of a finished wine keeps me going…but the selling of those wines…well that’s another story. I love talking about my wines. How can we get those hand crafted wines on the market and out there for the consumer to taste and buy? There are so many fantastic small lot wines for the consumer to try. How do we get it into their hands? I am finding that it is not an easy task. My 08 Unoaked Chardonnay has received great reviews but can I sell it? Not easy….!!!!!!

Trying to figure this whole thing out…not easy!!!!!! My hats off to the marketing guru’s of the wine industry. You make it look so simple. Just put up a website and see the orders come in….not!!!! It’s more than that….it’s talking and talking and talking about your wine…telling your story, sending it to people who will taste it and tell your story. Did I mention talking….? There are great tools to get the word out there….let’s keep talking!!!!!!!!!!!!


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