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It’s another glorious day in the beginning of harvest 2009. There is excitement in the air and everyone has lots of energy (for now). The cellar workers tend to run on excitement and just the hype of another harvest. It’s the grapes that make us smile. 🙂

Since my last blog I have made lots of friends on Twitter. One of my twitter friends (1337wine) has a video blogsite, which is very cool by the way. (His website is He was interested in doing a skype interview with a winemaker and I jumped at the chance. It sounded very interesting and very cool to me. I had not heard of anyone doing this so I gave it a shot.

Now, as some of you may know, I am not an expert at technology by no means. I can barely figure out how to set this blog in motion. I had to go out, or I should say, had a tech friend go out and buy me a headset and set up my skype account. Then she had to show me how to use it…oh brother.

The day of the interview I was a nervous wreck. First of all I was hoping I could remember how to use the skype account and then remember how to make a video call to 1337wine. Second of all, he was going to be tasting my wine for the first time, on the spot, in front of me (well, on screen) and…..what if he didn’t like the Passaggio Unoaked Chardonnay….?

I set up in the conference room at work. It looked like I was about to hack into the White House Computer System or something…or like I was an astronaut about to talk to NASA. Anyway, I made my video call and viola…I got through to 1337wine. We had a wonderful chat and behold he loved my wine. It was a success.

It was a first for both of us….I truly enjoyed myself and was glad it all went well….he even gave a shout out to garyvee….(Gary Vaynerchuk)

Thanks 1337wine for the awesome interview….I wish you the best in your new endeavors with skype interviewing…



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